Feature Request - Garmin IQ App

OK, so I’m fairly new to TR…and also just in my first year of road cycling…but, with the new Calendar feature, it seems TR is upping their game and blurring the lines between competing services. While I’m not ready to give up TrainingPeaks anytime soon, it seems TR could further up the ante by adding an IQ app…am I missing something? I use the TP IQ app constantly out on the road and even on the trainer…it’s just so convenient (and fast) to run the workout without having another device on the handlebars…


Please review the Following Forum Article:

Here you will see the current Road Map, that will be updated as needed.

TrainingPeaks is considered a competitor to TrainerRoad these days, and from the conversations mentioned, their API is not open to TR.

Thanks…yeah, I figured. Having an IQ app would solve that problem…getting TR workouts to the Garmin platform without having to go through TP… This will be fun to watch as TR continues development.