TrainerRoad, here are some instructions from your training plan: what the heck do they mean?

I assume TR think compliance is a contributor to success. Not the only contributor, of course, but better compliance is generally associated with more athlete success. So don’t keep the instructions a secret. What do these mean? What is an athlete supposed to be doing during these drills?

F&T drills
K drills
BB drills
K&R drills
SC drills
SK drills
S drills
K&R drills
CS drills


Just Google them. They are common swim drills. I had no idea at first and found descriptions on Google.

@student-t imagine you hire a coach to help your swim. You meet the coach at the pool and the coach instructs you to do 300m easy then 8x25 K&R.

‘How do I do K&R?’ you ask.

‘Go google it, noob.’ instructs your coach.

What is your opinion of your coach so far?

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With TR, you’re the coach. TR is the training plan. That’s how I see it anyway.

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Oops, it’s an old thread that has already been “solved.”

I think adding a derogatory noob insult affects the dialogue more than pointing out it’s a common swim drill one can lookup.

I hope you figure out the drills, improve your form, and nail your training.