TrainerRoad Garmin import includes non-moving time

When importing rides into past rides I get non-moving time also.
For example I completed a ride today at 1hr 50min outside on my Garmin 810.
I export from Garmin Connect as a TCX and then import it into TrainerRoad via the browser using the import button.

The ride now shows 2hr 30min which includes 40 minutes for my scrambled eggs breakfast stop.

I’m worried that my TSS estimate that TR provides is based on 2hrs 30min and not 1hr 50min.

Is there a way to exclude non moving time? Obviously the Garmin ride excludes it as the time differs from the TR imported ride

I have a related question, during triathlons, it picks up the swim and run time. Is there a way to cut out Or edit a section of a ‘ride’ when it shows no ride data for the swim and run sections. An example is my Sept 8th Santa Cruz 70.3. thanks-