Kickr 17, Elemnt and TR on iPad

This used to work no issues but now I cannot have my Kickr co-pair with TR on my iPad and my elemnt head unit. I can see my power from the power meter on the elemnt but it used to send speed and distances ( useless I know) but also the power data from the kickr. Maybe a limitation that I passed over but would have thought I could have the kickr pair over BT and ant+ simultaneously.
Any advise or was it a fluke that it worked previously.

Not the same situation but on my MacBook I used to be able to run both Zwift and TR pairing kickr ‘17 to one app using Bluetooth and ant+ to the other. I’m not a regular Zwift user so not really sure when it stopped working, or who caused the change but the kickr ‘17 hasn’t had any updates so assume down to Zwift and/or TR. Personally given what you’ve just said my money is on TR but not sure how they would block a device from connecting to secondary software using alternative protocol.
On the odd occasion I want to run Zwift and TR it does work if I use separate devices (MacBook and iPad) for each piece of software.

Hmm, this is pretty odd. I would recommend reaching out to our Support Team at so that we can take a closer look. Go ahead and screenshot your Devices Tab in your initial email so that our Support Team member can see exactly what is going on in the TrainerRoad side :+1:.

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