Trainer Upgrade for MTB

Been using an old Tacx Flow smart for a few years and decided to upgrade.

Out of Tacx Flux 2, Elite Dorieto and Wahoo Kickr Core which one would you recommend (for use with an MTB)

All pretty much the same price (£150 if the wife is reading this…:wink:)


Go for Kickr. It has support for 12x142 and 12x148 boost.


+1 for the KICKR. Riding a 2019 Intense Sniper (boost spacing) on a KICKR and KICKR climb and couldn’t be happier.

Kickr Core doesn’t support height adjustments for different wheel sizes so you’d need a front wheel block to level things out - but as long as that doesn’t bother you I’d go with the Kickr Core (I’m using one)

Thanks for the input. Found a 2019 Elite Direto for £518 so got that.
Might not be quite as good as the Core but better than my current Tacx and nearly £200 cheaper :grin: