Trainer Road versus PerfPro

I’ve been training with PerfPro for the last couple of years and now have a free subscription to Trainer Road, so figured I would give it a try.

With workouts in PerfPro, you set your FTP. To calibrate you get in the big ring and somewhere in the middle in the back. Then calibrate and you’re set. The one big things is once you’ve calibrated, you don’t shift at all during the workout - you let the trainer and software do all the workout.

My question is this: does Trainer Road work the same way? Once you’ve calibrated and you’re in the big ring in front, are you allowed to shift? I was doing a workout when suddenly it became literally impossible to pedal. The ERG mode kicked in hard core!

Just looking for TR best practices.

By the way, I have an external power meter - Favero Assioma Duo’s. I have power matching turned on. I have a Kinetic By Kurt Smart Trainer as well.


Yeah, calibrate and you are good to go in ERG.

There is generally no need to shift. That can change for some riders and trainer combos, as the trainer wattage floor or ceiling may require some shifting. This can happen to get a lower wattage for recovery or a higher wattage for work intervals.

The other considerations related to gearing are related to trainer adjustment timing, and inertia.

  • Most trainers respond better and faster in a lower gear. It has less inertia to overcome and will often work “better”.
  • The flywheel inertia can be influenced by gearing choice. This is a more complex issue and not everyone has the same experience. But you can experiment to see if you like high or low inertia better for your needs.
  • I can link you to a rather lengthy thread on the topic I’d you want to get into the weeds.
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