Newbie can anyone help me out

Hi all,

This is my first autumn/winter starting indoorcycling and using trainerroad.

I’m riding on a Tacx Flow T1680. In which gear should I setup my bike and is possible to switch gears during the training or influence this the results?

Thanks for helping me out!

not knowing what the spec on your trainer is, but if its ‘smart’ I’d use the erg mode and let TR do everything for you.

I recall a pod cast where @Nate was saying he used a bigger gear as this mimic’d the inertia of a fast TT, and it gave a slight fywheel effect.

If you don’t have a smart trainer then virtual power does the stuff for you and I on my old dumb trainer I just shifted to hit the power numbers the app is telling me to hit.

Personally I tend to use middle ring if training before the house wakes up as my kickr is a tad quieter and gets me in less trouble do to using more resistance and a slower spinning fly wheel… but i also in ERG mode switch up and down the block a gear or to to avoid overly wearing out a single ring and cog.

You will absolutely need to swap gears even in erg mode (computer controlled resistance) in order to keep the power profile smooth and avoid the resistance floor of that trainer.

Be careful with tyre pressure and with the pressure you apply with the roller as you will need consistency here to get good results. You can do a spin down calibration with the tacx utility and it will let you know if you are pressing the roller too hard against the tyre. Make sure you properly exit the tacx utility afterwards or otherwise it won’t allow trainer road to take control of the trainer in erg mode.

Thanks for replying.

I just finished my first ramp test and everything went well.