Calibration Questions

Hello I am about 3 weeks into structured training with trainerroad and I am enjoying it quite a bit although I have two concerns as far as calibrating goes. I have a TacX Vortex which I know has a reputation for not being the most accurate thing in the world but i’d like to have it as close as I can get it.

  1. As far as calibrating goes should I use the TacX utility app or trainer road? Currently I have been doing the TacX app calibration after warming the tire up and then doing the trainer road calibration right after.

  2. I use ERG mode so does changing the gear during calibration matter? I find when using the trainerroad calibration I end up spinning out or putting out insanely high RPM where I am getting launched out of my saddle to hit the limit at which point I can stop and let it spin down. Would it be ok in this case to go to a harder gear and then after calibrating go back down to my small chain ring and middle cog?

Lastly how quickly are noob gains realized? I already feel like the work outs I am completing now are pretty trivial and I am not sweating nearly as much as I was when I was starting out and I’m not sure if that’s because my calibrating habits are leading to inaccuracies or if I am just getting fit quickly since before training I was just sitting on my computer most of the day. My initial FTP test was 145. In the case I am just getting in better shape should I retest my FTP now that I am halfway through or just continue with what I have and retest before going into SSB2? Thank you!

  1. That works well, so keep it up. Be consistent in your process and app.

  2. Use any gear needed to get to the max speed needed. The spindown is not impacted by gearing.

  3. Gains are highly individual. If needed, retest or manually adjust your FTP as you see fit.

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