Pain cave flooring

I am in the process of designing my pain cave. It is a standard UK double garage which I intend to make water tight. It currently has a level concrete floor which I will paint to waterproof in the first instance before installing gym-style flooring.

Intended use: turbo trainer, rollers, treadmill, weights, yoga.

Can anyone recommend a specific flooring product that has worked for them? I see a wide variety of materials, density, thickness and, of course, price. Any guidance would be much appreciated.


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depending on what you want to spend - the most reasonable I keep seeing is horse stall mats

affordable - thick - easy to lay down - and durable

however I haven’t done it myself yet so i will watch this thread for other ideas


We have rubber flooring in our bike room but it was a pig to fit and the sun has made it patchy in places. Id probably go with hard wearing vinyl or maybe even some artificial wood flooring with a nice springy underlay, and put some mats over the top where needed.

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If you’ve got any dampness at all in the slab there are 2 part epoxy sealers that will resist negative pressure from rising damp. It’s well worth the cost IME. (Ardex WPM300 is my go to).
After the above you can use whatever you want. Personally, I like the waterproof vinyl floorboards that look like timber. Rubber mats on top for the weights area.


I got these for a UK garage with painted concrete floor, for similar uses to you. Lots of similar products on eBay and elsewhere.

Very happy with them. Easy to lay (though my garage appears to have no right angles so there was quite a bit of trimming round the edges), easy to sweep clean, and seem very durable after the first 18 months.


I have the same set up. (UK, double garage, concrete floors). I went with paint on the floor to keep dust down a then rubber horse stall mats from as local countryside store. Works really well, although the mats weren’t cheap, no signs of wear after 2 years. I have my weights set up there and do deals and slam ball exercises on them regularly. The mats are so heavy, they don’t really move in normal usage.

Only down side looking at the OPs lists of uses is that they’re very firm, so not ideal for yoga etc., without a mat on top.

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