3t Strada 1x on DD trainer - Do I switch the cassette?

Pardon the novice question but I am not an expert on this.

I have a 3T Strada 1X with the SRAM factory 11 speed cassette (11-32) as my primary road bike. On my direct drive trainer I have a Shimano 105 11 speed cassette (think it is an 11-30 but not sure). If I wanted to use my Strada on the trainer do I need to switch the cassette? Or can I use the same cassette? Would you recommend I switch the cassette? 95% of my trainer time are TR workouts in ERG mode. The other 5% would be free riding in Zwift.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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No need to change the cassette. Use that one and you will be fine.

  • It may be necessary to make a small barrel adjustment on the rear derailleur to get the alignment dialed, but that is not always needed.

Thank you for the quick response. You guys are awesome.

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I am all 1x and run 11-36 on the road and have 11-28 on the trainer. No issues in ERG, however you might need to adjust the ‘trainer difficulty’ in zwift if you are free riding and hit something really steep with a lot of resistance since you won’t have the same low end with the different cassette.

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