Trainer bike set up

Do you all spend the time to get your trainer bike to the exact same position as your outdoor bike? If not what things do you prioritize such as seat height, reach, etc…



Yes, matching position is usually a good idea.

Stating that, it is also not necessarily “essential”. I say this as a long time indoor trainer that uses the same Roubaix with a moderately upright position for all my trainer work (endurance road bike that also includes clip-on aero bars). I take that training and apply it to several different bikes in the season and they are quite different.

I use a road race bike, gravel race bike, triathlon race bike and 2 different mountain bikes for all my outside racing and riding. The only real change I make when on the trainer is using the aero bars as I get closer to my duathlon races. Other than that, I use a mix of the typical road bar positions all season long.

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Just trying to see how close I need to get my setup. My races are all on a mountain bike. It’s a 12spd Eagle but my new H3 doesn’t support 12 spd yet😬. I know seat tube angles and all that jazz are very different on my gravel bike that will sit on my trainer until I race it only twice this year. So what should i focus on with my set up? Seat height and fore and aft of the saddle were the 2 biggest I was thinking. My pedals are the same on both bikes so no issues there. My gravel bike is more upright so a good thing with stack and reach should just be more comfortable. Just want to be sure I got it set right and not find any pain😑

Yes, those are the ones to try and match, if possible. Do consider the saddle too, because if you have a different one on each bike, your actual position may differ from the apparently “correct / matched” measurements.

This is a case where “close counts” and I don’t think it is really necessary to nail it down to the millimeter.

Note: I say this as a certified Specialized Body Geometry fitter with mild OCD (self-diagnosed). Unless you are aiming for the top of the elite categories, subtle differences are unlikely to make a big impact on your training.

Thanks Chad. My saddles are the same. I just switched to the Ergon SM on both bikes. Chad on a side note, we talked about trainers H2,H3. I ended up getting an H3 with some reward points on a Cc I had for $675 total🤪 and a Clever Training discount of 15%. Couldn’t pass up that deal

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That is a stellar deal on that trainer. Well done. :smiley:

Any rides on it yet?

Delivering today! So there will be a ride on it tomm for sure. Going to see what Rouvy is like also since it comes with a month free trial. If it’s good my plan is low volume plans on TR and 1-2 rides a week on Rouvy during the winter. I wish it would run with TR. maybe soon.