Trainer after hookplate implant - how long did you wait?

Looking to get some feedback from people who had a hook plate implanted ( specifically asking about hook plate used usually for AC dislocation or distal clavicular fractures and not the regular plate as is used for other clavicular fractures). How long did you wait before you got back on the indoor trainer? How about outdoors?
I had my hook plate implanted for type V AC joint dislocation after a crash. Im coming onto 3 weeks post-op and 4 weeks post crash now. Pain is there but much more tolerable. I am going to start physical therapy next week.

Why not ask your surgeon? Definitely a better resource than other people’s anecdotal experience.

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There’s no medical consensus around this type of thing and my surgeon just said to judge based on pain. Other surgeons may feel differently even for the same operation. So people’s experience is actually pretty important.

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I started riding a LifeCycle at the gym 5 days post surgery. I took it fairly easy for a couple weeks partly for recovery and partly because I had to get a new bike post crash before I can get back on the trainer. I did my first trainer ride on my new bike three weeks post surgery. Took a little over a week after that before I could ride with both hands on the handlebars. (that was really my limiting factor). But just eight days after that my doctor said I could ride outside if I was comfortable doing that, I was so back outdoors 6 weeks post crash, five weeks post surgery.

One thing I do recall was that the improvement was definitely not linear. It was almost imperceptible at first and then I started making fast improvement. I went from feeling like I was never going in to ride a bike again to being back outside and doing group rides within just a couple weeks.

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That makes sense, when do they plan on taking out the hook plate?

Thats another area where there is no medical consensus and every research paper uses a different time. I actually crashed when on vacation in another country and had the surgery there. The surgeon who did the operation suggested 6 months but it is unlikely I will want to come back for the second one. I contacted an orthopedic doctor back in New Orleans and their practice is typically to take them out at 4 months. My personal preference is to take it out earlier given the risks of arthritis, osteolysis, and acromium fracture. Ultimately it will be a balance and will partly depend on being able to take time off work.

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That is awesome and pretty reassuring. Quite impressive to be back at 5 days I have to say!

By chance I ended up with an Ortho who treated lots of athletes, including the local minor league ice hockey team. His bedside manner leaned much to more towards suck it up rather than take it careful and slow and he seemed more than happy to let me get back at it if I wanted to.