Train Now; how to use when progression levels keep dropping

Hi, question for those of you that use Train Now but don’t follow a year round TrainerRoad structured program.

I love the feature, however, TrainerRoad is just one of the ways I train throughout the year. Group rides, Peloton power zone workouts, Zwift workouts, etc. I’m pretty consistent and ride about 4-5 days a week, usually with at least 2 hard days per week including threshold or V02 work.

I find that most times I want to use Train Now, my progression levels have decreased compared to when I used it last, particularly if it’s been more than 2-3 weeks or so since I’ve used the feature (even if I’m riding regularly and doing interval workouts on other platforms). Usually, the suggested workouts are too easy.

Sometimes I can find the right intensity by choosing a ‘stretch’ or ‘not recommended’ similar workout, but it’s hard to get it right.

Any suggestions from those of you that use Train Now and are in the same boat?


I think the adaptive training aspects and trainer road in general require you to train with them on a somewhat consistent basis for them to function the way they were intended.

Fairly certain this is the answer to your question. If you aren’t regularly using Trainerroad, whether that is via plan builder OR Train Now, 2+ weeks without a TR workout within any of the zones will lower progression levels. I’ve seen that happen with my VO2 PL’s in the midst of a SS block.

EDIT: to add a bit more to my original comment… at this time, all the other WO’s and rides you are doing in the OTHER apps will only be taken into consideration with regards to how AI FTP detection works within TR. When Workout levels V2 comes along (whenever that might be), all those WO’s in the other apps will leveraged by adaptive training and the PL’s, so what you are currently experiencing shouldn’t be a concern any longer.

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A workaround is to find a workout in the TR library that closely approximates the ride you do, schedule it, match the rides, and your PLs will be maintained. This is similar to what people do for outdoor rides.


Thanks, waiting for Train Now / Progressions V2.

I get that progressions are hard to model based on an outdoor group ride, but if I do a pure 4x4 VO2 max workout on another platform and import into TR, seems like it should be pretty straightforward to calculate progression without me having to comb the library to pick a similar workout

Unfortunately that isn’t implemented. Fortunately searching the library is pretty simple once you get used to it. Not ideal by any means, but doing some searches with the % FTP usually find similar workouts very quickly

Your current approach works considering the wide range of platforms you’re using to train.
WLV2 will address your scenario as long as the training you’re doing on all of those platforms is synced to TrainerRoad. :+1: