Track to Ultra Endurance Fat Bike Racing with Amanda Harvey – Successful Athletes Podcast 014

From a track racer to an ultra-endurance fat biker, hear how Amanda Harvey races 135 mile races through the snow, ice and freezing cold temperatures, including her nutrition, fat bike setup, the mindset needed to be able to take on big, scary goals and more in Episode 14 of The Successful Athletes Podcast.

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The Radivist – Arrowhead 135: What She Carried

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The word “courage” came up alot. I think that’s apt.
My first race was a 12 hour night race, but that was on a trail that was marked (and although it was frosty​:joy::rofl:) , it did not have the the potential weather threat that your stage race had. I don’t think I would have the courage to do what you did. Very well done :heart:

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