TR workouts on Strava cannot be analyzed

Hi guys,

as the title says. When I check out my TR workouts on Strava the Analysis button on the left is missing. That is in any browser. No problem with other uploads. I have premium subscription.

Anyone experienced that? Any idea how to fix it? Still need to figure out if Strava has a support.

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What app are you using? On iOS I am not experiencing any issues.

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Hi @tkent,

I am using TR on Windows.

The browsers I look my workouts with are Safari on iOS and various browsers on Win10.

I recommend trying the iOS app if it is available to you.

Sounds like a Strava issue. Confirm that you can access the other subscription services. If not, that’s the issue.

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Can‘t do. Have a Magene T300 trainer and it does not really work well with iOS as their BT protocol is too funky.

Hi Chad,

the rest works just fine. Tried to contact their support, let‘s see what they‘ll say. (Kinda funny that in their support form they don‘t even consider the option that there are issues possible)