Strava shows distance, TR does not


just finished a session in TR. It is linked to Strava for automatic upload. In TR there is loads of data, especially on the website, to analyze - but no data on distance or speed.

Opening Strava it shows me the distance, average speed etc. Where does Strava take this data from? Is it accurate? Where is the data in TR, the app or on the website?


  • Strava has only one place to get it, from the TR upload.
  • For more info, we need to know exactly what trainer and/or speed sensors you have connected to TR in the Devices.
  • From what I understand, TR leaves out speed / distance data for training via workouts, since it is not relevant in their eyes.
  • Speed and Distance will come in if TR imports from Strava, that came from something other than a TR workout.

More info:

thank you - that is very helpful. I am using a Wahoo Kickr 2017

In ERG or Resistance mode?

  • If ERG, Speed / Distance can vary massively based on the gear you use. It’s a topic mentioned in one or more of the links above.


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OK, as I edited above, do some reading and understand why it can vary widely. Not necessarily an “accurate” number in any true sense, not the lease of which is that some people say those values are irrelevant since you never moved an inch… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you, but hey: I am moving left and right quite considerably while trying to somehow keep up with my FTP… at least 50km! :slight_smile:

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