TR workouts coming to the Hammerhead Karoo?

Any updates on this? I am looking to pick one up so hopefully by next spring outdoor workouts will be up and running.


Can you not run the TR app and the “ride” app at the same time on the karoo?

Has anyone tried side-loading the wahoo training app on the karoo - if so does the gps work with that? I’m wondering if hammerhead locked down the gps so it can only be accessed from their own app.

No new information for this item on the roadmap, unfortunately. Thanks for your patience.


Just picked up one of these bad boys and gotta say my number 1 Christmas wish is to get outside workouts. I know Alex Wild said he uses a Karoo, plus I know there’s got to be a handful of us normal TR users out there on them.


I moved your post into the existing feature request for the Karoo.

Karoo lets you import FIT or ZWO format files via their dashboard with the latest release.

It’s a minor pain but it’s really not that hard to use something like to recreate a TR workout.


thanks I was just reading todays HH release - this will work! I mostly just do long rides outside, but when I want to do a workout I can just use this.

I am a Karoo owner and I have recently signed up for trainerroad to follow the training plans. I like the flexibility of working out it indoor and outdoor but I just realized with the hammerhead dashboard you cannot sync with trainerroad calendar! My intention is to be able to work out in the park and see the power target while I’m riding. I cannot believe this does not exist.

I was, however, able to sideload the trainerroad app on karoo and choose indoor training while I am outside to see the intervals and target power but of course, this way I won’t be able to see my speed, segments and etc.
I like trainerroad training plans but now I think if I cannot make good use of $20 monthly payment I might decide to not continue with the subscription.

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I think it was mentioned before but you can always use the workaround - TrainerDay (has many of the TR workouts copied) and send it to a free TrainingPeaks account. This you can sync to your Karoo. I’ve tested to see if this works and it works just the way I expected a TR integration should look like. :grinning: Given the marketing offensive of Hammerhead (they‘re all over print and social media, teaming up with Legion, Israel Start Up Nation etc.) and the fact that the units are very good, they‘ll probably increase their market share in the near future and hopefully the integration of TR to Karoo will move a bit higher on TRs roadmap (and we won’t have to send copyright infringed workouts over accounts in 3rd party apps we won‘t use otherwise).:crossed_fingers:

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similar comment as @miro_ak

I have a HH and if I was going to do outdoor workout (I don’t find that I often do - I’ll do a work out similar due to outdoor challenges, IE hills, stoplights, traffic) but if I was going to match a workout 100%

i would use @guyc tip above

Still no TR workouts on the Hammerhead, but some progress, perhaps.
From today’s Karoo Software Release Notes:

We’ve added the data field for Workout Target Power. If you follow power-based structured workouts, you can now use this field to view the interval’s current target power. We’ve also added the data field for Last Lap Time.

** Note: We are building more Workout data fields and will release them soon. The workout control page will still be automatically added to your ride when you follow a workout on Karoo.*

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Thanks @miro_ak
I was not aware of the trainer day, quite interesting! The services you don’t get from paid trainerroad you get here for free. Did they copy the plans from trainerroad? I want to see if it’s ethically right to cancel trainerroad and use trainer day instead. Seems like it is covering all features, I was able to sideload it in my karoo and it will connect to my trainer at home as well.

Haven’t really went this far, I only really tested if this way I can send a workout to my unit. But I searched for a few workouts and noticed that they even copied the text description on the workouts I searched for and could find. I think they call themselves „open source“ so I don’t know how much TRs legal department can do about it.
As for canceling TR and switching platforms - I personally find TR offers me a lot value for the money, because I use many resources like forum, podcast, calendar. The workouts are awesome and have helped me improve my performance so far so I‘ll keep supporting and hope the day will come soon. To me outdoor interval workouts are not of big relevance anyway, just nice to have.

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From what I hear, it sounds like they have copied from trainerroad, or some of their users did - not good.
I am new to trainerroad and still learning the benefits, so it might take some time for me before I decide to cancel.
I do most of my interval workout outside, except the 3-4 months of winter when its gets freezing cold here! so that is a big deal for me.
Anyway, thanks for all the info, you helped a lot.

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  • Yes, due to the nature of so much being crowd sourced, they have had some users duplicate TR properties on the TD site. TrainerDay seems willing to remove that if & when identified based on the times I’ve pointed out issues as well as relays from others.

I’m a big TrainerDay fan, their workout builder, plan builder are great products, but users making TR workouts in TD is a bit off (a bit like people who build TR workouts in Zwift is a bit off, that comes up in this forum fairly often), they keep their price down by having user driven content, and just like BMW arn’t responsible for bank robberies because bank robberes buy their cars (in movies), I feel that some of TD problem is that their price is cheap, and TR’s is high, so people (bank robbers) looking to save a buck, copy and paste

I think a good place to start would be to stop encouraging it in this forum



Right on!


That was not really my intention. Using this discussion I wanted signal that there is still user interest in pairing TR with Karoo accounts, just as it is possible to do so with Garmin units.

In principle, one could also use TRs workout creator to create custom workouts as well and send them to their unit, the functionality is already there it‘s just this one last link missing, to allow us do our workouts outdoors with Karoo. I would be willing to use TR outdoors even more if it were easier. In the summer months I barely make use of my subscription, because I mostly exercise outdoors.

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Figured I’d chime in for some context, as I have a web based workout creator that I’ve made recently for fun. It’s super easy to create MRC and erg files that can be used indoors. Creating outdoor workouts is a bit more of a challenge, from what I can see so far. Garmin and Wahoo have their own APIs for workouts, and at least from what I can see in Garmin stuff, there are a lot of unique requirements for building workouts (Wahoo documentation is sadly lacking, I have no idea what they require for their workouts). I’ve never tried pushing a trainer day workout to Garmin, so I’m not sure how that would work in practice outside like the workouts TR has specifically designed for outdoors. It’s not easy supporting a bunch of different formats

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I’m right there with you. I would LOVE to have TR outdoor workouts pushed to my Karoo. I can only hope that the Karoo gains more users which in turn makes it a platform worthy of TR’s development resources.

Thank you for chiming in and keeping the Karoo+TR drum beat going!