TR workout “Whiteface” power zone description (VO2?)

Why is Whiteface described as VO2 max workout, yet the top of the interval is considered anaerobic which is above the VO2 range from a power zone perspective when you look at the breakdown of the power zone results. I completed it tonight and I have 15 seconds in the VO2 max power range but 15 minutes in the anaerobic power zone. Thanks for any info!

The title is correct, I think just in the workout description it’s mislabeled as V02 max. It’s definitely anaerobic.

It is either mislabeled or it is because after the first few intervals your anaerobic system becomes spent and the session becomes more aerobic the further along you go, which would lead to an emphasis on your peak aerobic uptake. So even though you are in the anaerobic zones you are really doing a lot of work at a high aerobic level, which I believe is the point of most micro burst sessions.

Also the fact that the recovery valleys aren’t full recoveries (40% ftp) but partial recoveries at what looks like 75-80% ftp will make the session more aerobic as opposed to anaerobic. That would be my explanation as to why it is listed as V02 as opposed to anaerobic, or I could be wrong and it is just mislabeled.

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It’s definitely aerobic in nature with the multiple repeats. It just doesn’t appear to have anything to do with VO2 max.

I would argue it does because you are going to be at your maximal aerobic uptake for a large portion of the workout which is what constitutes VO2 work. Plus the intervals are at 125% of FTP which is only 5% above VO2 for most people and would be within the VO2 zone for a lot of people as well.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention, I’ll share this with the team and we’ll get it sorted out :slight_smile:

That’s correct. This is a workout designed to keep you at high percentages of VO2max for as long as possible.

VO2max is not a power, it is a physiological state. Power at VO2max is the power that you can hold for approximately 6 minutes and is typically the minimum power that will illicit VO2max. All powers above that will illicit V02max until you get to efforts that are so hard and short that you’re body can’t catch up and require the maximum oxygen uptake - that is your maximum VO2max power. That range is very wide.

These particular types of workouts are designed to keep you at high percentages of your maximum oxygen uptake by operating at a power higher that power at VO2max with short breaks, taking benefit from the breaks for your muscles so that you can go on longer, combined with the fact that your oxygen uptake doesn’t drop very much during the break.

To me the workout is incorrectly labelled as Anaerobic.