Keyboard shortcut to turn instructional text off please

Whilst most of the time I “enjoy” Chad’s words of wisdom I do sometimes want to turn them off mid-ride. Would it be possible to have a key to turn the text on/off whilst in a workout please.

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It’s not a shortcut, but you can simply go into settings during the workout and toggle the setting.

Considering other comments about limited space on the mobile app, my gut says this is not likely to get a direct shortcut (for mobile at least, but PC/Mac could be easier with a keyboard).

Does that settings toggle work on the iOS app? I’ve never noticed it before (the toggle).

I’m mean I love coach Chad…but after on repeated workouts I don’t want to see the same text over and over.

Yes. This is a screen grab from PC, but there is a similar control in the mobile app once you open “Devices” and select the smart trainer.

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