TR Workout Creator stopped working

Has the TR workout creator stopped working for anyone else?

I can open it but can no longer rename a workout or clone and edit a workout.

I’m on a windows 10 laptop and it was working previously.

I can try to test later this morning and will report back.

Just tested the workout creator on my computer (WIN10) and is still working (tested renaming/cloning).



I seem to be able to clone and edit as normal, Win 10.

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If you’re tyring to create/edit a workout and seeing a ‘failed’ message of sorts at the bottom left of the window, this happened to me recently. Logging out and back into WC resolved it!
Let me know if that works.

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It seems that if not yet installed, Adobe Air is discountiued (which is needed for using TR Workout Builder). Is there any workaround?


@leiti373 if you are attempting to install the workout creator on a Windows computer you can install using this link. Mac downloads of the workout creator have Adobe Air functionality baked in so no additional download is required.

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@bnied GREAT - THANKS A LOT! :smiley: