Trouble installing custom workout creator on Windows 10

I’ve downloaded the workout creator AIR file as well as Adobe AIR so now what? The TR app is still prompting me do download the file and when running the file nothing happens. I’ve restared my laptop to no avail. Help me out - what should I do?


File a ticket with TR support - - and lay out in gory detail everything you’ve done / tried.

Now the dumb question: did you install both AIR (exactly which version) and workout creator? In what order? And did you do the installs in an account that has admin privileges?

AIR is out of support. Wouldn’t recommend installing it.

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Harman is now providing support for AIR, did you download and install a current runtime?

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Thanks ADC. I did not reach out to TR support yet (figured I’d get a faster response from the forum during the weekend). I downloaded the workout creator first. Since that did not run properly in the TR app, I started looking for solutions. The Adobe AIR program seemed to be the ticket and as such, I downloaded that as well by following the link in the TR FAQ around the workout creator. However, since that didn’t not magically resolve my situation, wound up here on the forum…