Black Screen after some time

This isn’t a big deal, but since a few weeks ago, If I leave the TR windows application open overnight or whatever and come back to it, the screen is black and unresponsive. I used to leave TR open all the time and just do my daily workouts without ever closing it and opening it back up. Now, obviously I can’t do that. I’m just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. I have to usually close it from the task bar, which is a pretty inelegant solution.


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Also opens and remains on black screen about 50% of the time

Hey all,

Would you mind reporting this to We are gathering information on this particular bug and working on a fix, so that would be really helpful for us.

if it ever becomes overly disruptive, using the Legacy Version of TrianerRoad is the best option while we await a more permanent fix.

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I’m having the same issue and have reported to support.

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same issue for me (and i’ll report it to support). for reference mine happens after my workout (or before the workout) and i usually have to close out the app and reopen it for me to be able to do my workout.

@brycel when we report it, do you need to know what our setup is? Example: mine is on a dell xps 13 with windows 10 and an intel 10th gen chip.

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Same here, but it happens during my workout which is frustrating to say the least. Screen goes blank and I have to quit the app, then restart. On some workouts, this happens 5+ times (about every 10-15 mins). Had to resort to using the legacy app.

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The more information you can provide the better :+1:

We’ve seen this behavior happen when leaving the app open, during workouts, and during calibration, and it’s, unfortunately, more severe for some athletes than others. If you could report the severity and frequency of this issue when reaching out to Support, that would be super helpful.


I get this every day more or less too… usually happens when leaving the app open on my laptop for a while

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This happens to me only after I let the laptop or screen fall asleep, usually after a workout I am on end of workout screen, I start packing up, putting things away when I come back the screen is asleep and after waking up trainerroad is stuck as a black screen, I have to then hit windows key to show the taskbar and right click to close window on trainerroad to get back to the desktop. 100% reproduceable for me. Have submitted details to support.

If you know what graphics card / driver version you are on, good to provide that. I’ve had this happen to me - luckily not lately - and my guess this is an ugly (very hard to diagnose) bug related to graphics card / driver. Just a hunch without evidence.

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I’ve been experiencing this issue as well. I’ve reported it. I’ve also noticed that if I have my web browser open and let my laptop go to sleep, that when I come back to it, the browser is unresponsive, not black but can’t scroll or use the browser other than close it and reopen it and then it’s good to go.

EXACTLY how it works for me. Laptop goes to sleep, wake it up and trainerroad is just black and unusable.

Have the same issue that occurs every time I launch the app, typically about 30 seconds after launching.
Laptop (MS Surface Pro) is shut down each time after use. I use a docking station and an external display. Surface display is switched off (via Windows display settings). It does sound like a graphics card related issue.
I’m going to give the legacy app a go. Only just found out about it thanks to this thread.

Support notified via email.

I shut down the app and reopen. Sucks but ohh well, life goes on. Still works better then my companies main application

This is just a PC issue, right? I’ve been having the same problem and it did this to me yesterday 58 minutes into a 60 minute VO2 max workout…at least it ultimately saved but I was panicking for a minute.

I think I’ll report and use my android app for now.

Could this have something to do with (even briefly) losing an internet connection? When this happened to me yesterday mid-workout, it coincided with a quick loss of my internet connection. The black box remained once the connection was restored.

I have been having it constantly on the beta app for a few weeks. Support has been very good at communicating, but the problem isn’t solved. I went back to the legacy app to be able to complete workouts. For me, it was happening within a minute or two of opening the app. It had nothing to do with leaving the application on overnight. I could restart the PC, open the TR app and 50% of the time I would get a black screen within a few minutes. Once it happened during a workout, I went to the legacy app (and had to find an ant+ stick since BLE isn’t supported in the Legacy version).

Same issue. Lenovo Thinkpad and windows 10.

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They have duplicated this on their test rigs and are working on a fix.


Its true :sweat_smile:. Thanks for your patience, all!


UPDATE! The fix for this is released to production! Make sure to update and you should no longer experience this. If you have any lingering issues after the update, of course reach out to the team at Cheers!