TR, Wahoo Kickr Snap, Assioma Set-Up Help Needed

Sooo… I’m back with what might be another stupid question… But… Here we go…

I am having trouble with power smoothing using the Kickr Snap and Assioma peddles. I was doing the Step Test last night, and the power was just all over the place. For a final FTP reading of 228w, I was hitting spikes above 450w!!! These spikes were just killing me, and caused me to become frustrated very early, and quitting early as well.

Is there a reliable video tutorial on settings and setting up a Kickr Snap with power meter to be able to better utilize TR??? TR road specific video???

Snap Pairing (text, no video):

PowerMatch use:

With a pedal based power meter, a longer smoothing around 7-15 seconds is useful.