TR Running Thread 2021

I wont have a bike for a few weeks so gonna see if by the end I could do a su 25 minute 5k. Last time I ran an untrained 5k I was at 27 minutes so we shall see if I can drop 2 minutes.


Depends on the workout but I tend to run when the bike is more endurance focused vs sweet spot. I do a lot of steady state running as well which keeps the injuries to a min on my side. Will throw in a few longer tempo runs later after I have a decent base in my legs.

That’s a good point. I think I’ll take a similar approach.
There’s fun in testing yourself!

Pre Covid I had my schedule pretty much nailed down. Mornings were for biking/swimming and lunch was always run time.

Since I worked in an office building that had a gym and shower lunch time was when I got runs in. If it was quality day for the run then my morning bike/swim was easy. If I had a tough bike session in the morning then it was a short recovery run over lunch. TR plans were low volume. This kept my nights open for family time and unwinding after work. Worked really well for me but then the pandemic hit and I switched jobs so back to figuring out a new system.

Currently I have just mornings and weekends so I only double up on Saturday/Sunday and there’s no swimming. On a mid volume TR plan during lock down, going to drop down to low again soon so I can do a run focused block.


Last year was my first full year of running with very little cycling. I targeted a 3 hour marathon but it was cancelled of course. I did a virtual half marathon and set PB at 1:33. This year, I am aiming for sub 19 5k, sub 40 10k, 1:25 Half and 3 hour marathon. I’m running with Stryd, so following power based plans.


Unless you run a LOT of miles make sure you are in 1:23 half shape before you go for a sub 3:00 marathon…you’re supposed to be able to double it and add 10mins but that’s if you run very high mileage …I managed 2:47 off a 1:17 half but never felt I had a 2:44 in me on only 50 odd miles/week :roll_eyes:


Those are great targets! Ive always wanted to do the same but never put in the time. (Or had the ability to do so… :slight_smile: )

How are the stryd running plans?

My running is just massively lagging behind my biking despite being consistent. I just feel like I’m missing something

Starting to feel the effects of more run less cycling.

Ftp has gone down for the first time since using TR.

Starting to feel better on my runs, worse on the bike.

Next week we are switching to 1 track day, 1 threshold run and dropping bike to 1 vo2max and 2 tempo rides with short runs after them. Volume is getting closer to 40 mile, hope to get to 50 in a few weeks.


I used a Steve Palladino plan last year leading up to the cancelled marathon and I loved it. I’m just getting started on the Stryd plans now and they seem similar, easy to follow and can push directly to the Garmin 945.

Last year I averaged about 75 to 100km per week, this year I hope to be closer to 100km per week.

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I’ve just started running again.3x/week and taking it very slowly, in my efforts to avoid the inevitable injury. Achilles tendon. I heard a podcast where the advice is to keep it to z1 and 2 before trying to go faster. Ha ha, at my speed this involves a fair bit of walking.
I can’t overdo the mileage as have a THR and partial knee replacement, so my goal is to train up for short offroad duathlons, with total run distance of no more than 10k.
Interested to hear other peoples stories, and how they avoid the dreaded injuries :running_woman: :running_woman: :running_woman:

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I’ve been following the Sprint Tri mid volume plan (minus swimming) because I had nothing else going on and I’m coming to the end of the specialty plan. Cycling has been going well and I’m keen to see what gains I’ve made in the running so I’m doing a solo 5k TT in 3 weeks around a local business park, oh the joys of Covid times. Should be under 20 and I’m hoping for an improvement on my PB of 19.45. After that I’m in duathlon mode so it’s more of the same.


I’ve done the exact same and I’m in the last 2 weeks of specialty. I was pleased to see both cycling and running improving during that plan despite not doing much volume.

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That’s impressive. Using 364 days that is a little over 11 miles per day. Do you have any rest days? Are you biking, too?

I ran 3000 miles and for the most part was biking 3-4 days per week. I think this year I may drop some running and put a little more effort into the bike. I don’t race, but really enjoy riding. I attempted to ride Mt Evans but failed, so I am going to give it another crack this summer.

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Big focus for me is improving my speed and form during the base phase. Going to be coupling one day of structured track work with 3-4 miles of 400s or 800s, focused on powerful hip drive and long strides. I’m pairing that with about 4 hours of easy running with a couple strides or hills reps mixed in.

Hoping that will pair well with a modified SSB with 1 SS session, 1 short over-under, and 1 long high Z2/tempo (along with other Z2 rides). I’m a big volume athlete, but want to try to mix in bodyweight strength, yoga, and recovery in lieu of some additional hours.

Thanks, it was definitely a lot of effort! :sweat_smile:

I didn’t have any planned rest days, but rested when I needed too, or when life got in the way (today lol!).

Starting in May of last year, I picked up my first ever indoor trainer and followed the Half Distance Plan through base and build. I then switched to SSB-1 -> SPB -> SSB2 -> GB, which dug me into a bit of a hole because it was too much stress with running every day and lifting 4 times per week (former powerlifter), so I switched back to the Half Distance Plan to balance mixed TSS. Also, all of these plans were low volume. In my situation: Adherence > Optimal.

Believe it or not, I’ve only trained on the indoor trainer (kickr bike) with 90% of it being TrainerRoad workouts…. I don’t have a bike at the moment, but I’m currently in the market for my first road bike. Right now, my approach is similar to yours, dropping some running volume and becoming more proficient on the bike.

However, being a former powerlifter, I’ve been chasing a pretty peculiar goal. It’s to deadlift 500lbs and run a sub 90min half marathon. At the moment, I can do both, but I want a certified course/race for the half. Once I officially hit this goal, I plan to drop a bit of strength training and transition toward a duathlon focus.

The strength training is surprisingly easy to manage; at my peak I deadlifted 661lbs/300kg at 185lbs bodyweight in a USAPL competition. Right now, I’m 170-165 and I’m in maintenance mode with lifting, essentially just tracking INOL (Intensity x Number of Lifts). So, for 2021 it’s looking like -> Sub 90min half + Max Deadlift -> transition to duathlon with a bike focus -> Pick a 2-3 races/rides, dial-in, and have some fun.


if you are running 4258 miles, and running only a 90 min half there have to be something wrong.
You look young…
You do not look heavy and at 170 lifting, you are probably very lean with very low fat %.

I could probably do a 90 min half on a good weather day. And I am 5’6 and 154 (and not lean) and ran 1600 miles last year.

My point, if you are running that many miles, your goals/expectation are extremely low.
Most of the people who i know who run that kind of millage (actually probably less) are running 80 min halfs!..

just check the Strava of one of them. He ran 4000 miles last year. That was about 90 per week (some times closer to 120, some other closer to 70). He ran a 1:15 half this last November, on a terrible warm day in Florida.

I think there is something wrong with your training if you think you are only capable of a 90min half…


You’re right! I didn’t provide full context. The sub 90 min half is to be run within the following 24 hours of the deadlift…that’s why “expectations” are a bit low.

For an open half, I’d be targeting sub 80. Currently my half PR is from a progression run workout (planned for 11 miles and extended my run for a 84min 13.1.
My running “PRs” are a bit lagging, as I’ve only raced once in my running career. (started running in 2019)
I guess it’s time for me to time trial and see where I stand fitness wise!


Yes. More context help put things in perspective.

84 is a great time on a workout!
Sub 80 would probably be more in target with your high millage. Although you have to watch out and not over train. 4000 miles is no joke, plus cycling and lifting… you may stretching a bit too much…

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Thanks! :blush:

I’m going to cut the running volume a bit this year. No need to overdo it and burnout!
Thanks again for the advice.

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