TR Podcast audio - 5 star content, fewer star audio quality

Dude… I didn’t time it while I was still on YT, but the ads are super frequent right now.

That is an additional reason I prefer the downloaded audio most of the time.


Oh! Interesting! I have the same experience. On iPad, no volume drop. On MacBook, volume drop and it sounds like they’re far away. Both times wearing headphones.

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As posting this originally, I was speaking to my listening on iPhone using Apple Podcasts. I don’t use Spotify or YouTube for the TR Podcast, so don’t have input on those. I assumed that it’d be the same, and if it isn’t then gosh I have even more empathy for all the hoops the podcast creators have to jump through to edit and publish in the correct way for all of the listening sources. Thanks TR team!

Remember that period of time when Jonathon drove us all mad trying to make YT THE podcast platform…

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You mean when he opened with stuff like “The ONLY cycling podcast dedicated to make you a faster cyclist…” or some such false claim?

  • They might have gotten away with that in the first 50 or so episodes, but at the time that started becoming common there were likely a dozen other podcasts right in parallel with it. Those types of false claims just bug me since they are so clearly incorrect I can’t understand how they gain any traction in the first place. It’s not like he wasn’t aware of the many others out there.

  • I could almost stomach “best” but that still erks me since it is something entirely relative and subjective to nearly every user. They were pushing the 5-star count angle for a while when swinging against Mr. A’s podcast but that got dropped (which was a good thing as well IMO).

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I’m thinking of the time when (if I am remembering this part correctly) the podcast was released on YT first with a delay to other platforms. Jonathon (TR) was really, really pushing everybody to consume it on YT and to like/subscribe. Personally YT ads drive me nuts, not so bad on my laptop when I can use a blocker but on Apple TV it’s unavoidable. And yeah, I’d forgotten about referencing LA’s podcast!


Oh, I vaguely remember that push now that you mention it.

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+1 for finding recent podcast episodes are really quiet. On my bone conduction headphones (which tend to be quieter than average anyway) I can barely hear people talking on the most recent episode :slightly_frowning_face: Came here to see if I was alone but kind of glad to find this is actually a common problem!

Well, I did a comparison of listening to the most recent podcast in my car (iPhone → Apple Car Play) using Apple Podcasts and Spotify. The Spotify volume and audio is normal, but the Apple Podcasts volume is about half that of Spotify and when you do crank up that volume on Apple Podcasts the quality of the audio is lower. Maybe this is some sort of tech fight between Apple and Spotify that’s making podcast producers’ life hard?

Second thing I’d say is that I love what Sarah Laverty says but between the accent and tendency to be quiet while speaking relative to the other hosts, I have a hard time following everything she says.

Sarah’s accent is fantastic! :metal:


Seems to have changed recently but Apple Podcast is very quiet, Spotify is normal.

Was trying to listen on a ride recently and could not hear it at all above wind noise, switched to Spotify and all good

The volume level on the latest podcast is way better and back to normal I’d say. I was listening on Apple Podcasts. Thanks for sorting :+1:

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As an American voiceover artist based in Scotland I’ve probably paid more attention to her voice and equipment setup than most. She’s a really clear and engaging speaker but it seems like she’s been struggling to tackle sibilance (hissy 'S’es and sometimes 'T’s) in her equipment setup, constantly changing mic position, adding and removing a pop filter, etc. I wonder if volume may have something to do with an attempt to address it in digital processing as well.

Obviously I’m making a lot of assumptions there, but if that’s roughly what’s happening then I’d suggest placing the mic off-axis (30-45 degrees to the left or right but angled so it still points directly at the speaker’s mouth). ‘S’ and ‘T’ sounds tend to direct any extra air straight forward and down so often even a good pop filter isn’t enough, especially for a desk mounted mic that’s likely to be below chin height. I’ve got the exact same issue and the cleanest way to address it is by mic’ing off-axis. Makes it easier to accidentally move your face out of the sweet spot of the mic but is otherwise really effective. A radio broadcast arm that also puts the mic above the speaker’s mouth pointing 45 degrees down is the next level of this but is probably overkill given the current use-case.

Apologies to Sarah if I’ve missed the mark here - ignore me if so! (Typical stranger-on-the-internet stuff!)

Did anyone else have an issue with the Richie Rude ep on Apple podcasts where the audio tracks were wildly out of time-sync with each other so Richie and Keegan were talking over each other? I initially assumed it was a significant delay in the zoom call that just got preserved in the podcast recording, but I looked at it on youtube afterwards and everyone seemed to be interacting with each other in real time with no delays. Maybe an issue with that particular upload? Or a glitch at my end (but that seems weird because by the time I download it everything has been mixed into a single audio file)?

I hate this because it feels like it’s done by a plugin or something - the edits aren’t always clean. But I can forgive it because I imagine the vast majority of the audience prefer the quicker pace it creates, and I imagine I’m in an incredibly small minority of listeners who even notice the sloppy edits without accompanying video.

Ditto from above, the DL’s audio version I got for Ep 460 is right in line with other podcasts I got from other sources today. Thanks for the correction, my ears appreciate the change :wink:

Yes, the same timing issue occurred on youtube for that episode. I had to turn it off. I planned to go back later and see if they were able to correct it and re-upload, but forgot. Guess I’ll check that now. eta: seems fine now.

There have been a couple other episodes, but not recently, when the sound had a delay from the video…I can’t watch those, they make my brain hurt.