Android TV (eg. nvidia Shield)

Has anyone had success running TrainerRoad on an NVIDIA Shield TV that runs Android-TV (I mention this because it is not the same as Android)

I previously had luck sideloading TR (and the ANT drivers) onto a Sony Bravia 2015 Android TV, so before I try the same with the Shield I thought I’d ask.

Don’t know why they don’t have an official Android TV version in the play store though. With visually complex training software I can see how the processors might not be good enough for the number of pixels, but the TR image is relatively simple. Would have thought it’d be a perfect match for them.

I have a cheap Android TV box, but this runs the phone Android and not the TV version of Android. It works and is way way more rubbish than the Shield. If anyone is thinking about how to get TR working this is worth considering as an option; just make sure it is pretending to be a phone.

I’m just asking now because my old Android box is soooooo… slow to navigate. It is so slow at everything I’ve written the entire of this post whilst it is downloading and installing the TR app update.

Just remembered the only two things that needed changing for the app to work on the Original Android TV;

  1. it was in portrait so I had to turn it 90 degrees (locked into landscape using another app)
  2. it didn’t work well with a TV remote, all both the Shield and Sony have phone apps that work as mice