TR on a Peloton bike now easy with Data Fitness Connector (DFC)

Note: I don’t have any connection with the company, just bought one and wanted to share.

Waited the better part of a year for a kickstarter-style product to be delivered. It plugs into the data cable from the Peloton bike and broadcasts the power & cadence. Tried it out today and it works flawlessly. Nothing to load on your Peloton, no power pedals needed, just plug it in and it shows up as a power meter device in TR.

It won’t work with a Peloton Bike+, only the original. It’s small enough to throw in your luggage and use on a hotel Peloton, just plug and unplug (you will need a USB power source though), no permanent modifications. It’s pretty slick if you’re in need of a solution like this.