TR Newbie Question

FYI - I am a month or so into my first block of TR training. I have two questions:
I am a little confused looking at my calendar at the end of the week what the numbers mean. For example:

Week 45
15:25 / 14:25

893 / 828

This was a crazy week for me with a not normal 32km hike/trail run…

The next weeks numbers:

Week 46
4:58 / 3:00

311 / 179

In Week 45 my hours add up to 14h25m why is this number last? What does the first time of 15h25m mean?
In Week 46 my hours add up to 4h58m why is this number first? What is the second time of 3h mean?

Same for the TSS numbers: What do the first and second numbers mean… One is actual TSS and the other planned? My hike was not planned in my calendar though, I added it a few days latter so perhaps this is not the case…

I did Warlow this afternoon, I went 125% (my personal estimation of effort) and it got me to thinking, should I tweak the TSS? Can I even do that? On many of the sprints I went pretty high above the target wattage… so the TSS of 111 seems maybe not totally accurate… Of course there should be some sort of limitation to the ability to tweak TSS or else I can see it being pretty common for folks to over estimate TSS. Does TR base TSS calculations off of ride metrics such as HR, actual wattage, cadence, etc… ?

The first number is your actual time working out. The second number is your “planned” workouts. In the first week it looks like the Antelope -5 is showing as unplanned hence the difference between the two. In the second week your outdoor ride is unplanned.

I don’t think you should be tweaking your TSS on a trainerroad ride as that is calculated by reference to how you actually rode. Did you actually increase the intensity of the intervals or did you just feel it was 125%?

Edited to add: if you rode harder for some of them you might see that the calculated intensity for the workout is more than 111. See for example my workout from yesterday, planned TSS of 119, actual TSS of 123.

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Thanks for walking me through this @Scheherazade, it is starting to make more sense.

I did not increase the intensity, I just felt that I gave it a higher than required effort… However…

I had not noticed that before, thank you for pointing it out. Warlow was 111 but I did 125, that takes care of my other question too. Thank you! I appreciate the time you took to help me out :smiley: