TR, Intervals, and Garmin all report different FTP. TR AI FTP feels too high

Just started a new SSBLV 1 plan and ran AI FTP and got 229W.

However, with all the same data available (dual record on Garmin Fenix 7) Intervals reports 224W and Garmin 213W. I’m not sure which to use. Which ever I choose it seems I should be manually updating the other platforms for zones to all line up.

My TTE data from Intervals is:
42 Days: TTE 30min@206W (During the holidays most of my rides were just easy endurance)
Since Nov 1: TTE 19min@216W

I ran Mono today with FTP 229W and felt demolished (But still completed with no adjustments).

I know FTP is always changing, I just want to make sure I have it as accurate as possible since all the workouts are based off of it.

I am guessing your progression levels might be low with that FTP and over time those levels will get stronger. I would continue to see if you are able to complete workouts. You may surprise yourself!


Those sandwiched threshold workouts are hard because they’re very glycolytic and you’re running empty for the second z2 session. Make sure you’re getting enough sugar!

Keep in mind that AI FTP works within trainerroad ecosystem (especially with progression levels) to get specific training adaptations within their zones. Different platforms use different estimation procedures.

With the PLs you can knock your FTP down ten watts and your threshold 4.0 workouts will be too easy, so you do an 8.0 instead. Ultimately it’ll be the same ballpark with maybe a few nuanced differences.

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Good point about the z2 before and after. I train within 10 minutes of waking so the only nutrition is some dextrose (30g), sodium, and potassium while on the bike. The joy of having 3 young kids means I can only train in the 90 minutes before they wake up.

Here’s my PLs if this adds in any insight:


And I thought working my training around 2 kids was challenging. My wife didn’t like my training schedule so she decided to go back to school to work on her masters. How dare she. Haha. Friends are always asking did I really do a workout at 10 at night. Got to get it in when you can. She takes the workout area in the early mornings.

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Hey there @quasifit! Nice progress with the training! :muscle:

As @fasterthanever said, we’d recommend sticking with the value you got from your AI FTP Detection. AI FTP Detection will work in tandem with Adaptive Training to make sure you get dialed into the right workouts for your current fitness levels.

Mono is definitely a tough one with those over/unders. If you could get through it without any changes to your %FTP, that’s a great sign! Make sure to fill out your post-workout surveys as accurately as you can, and Adaptive Training will take care of the rest to make sure your workouts are appropriately challenging while increasing your fitness at a sustainable rate.

Let me know if you have any other questions, and keep up the good work!