TR forum. A sanctuary in a confusing world

I’ve spent the last year or so working to remove all social media from my life. It’s addictive so has to be quit like any other drug. This has had it’s inconveniences but overall has been a positive experience.
Trainerroad forum is the one and only public place I’ve allowed myself to continue to use and that is because it’s a genuinely good place whose users will not tolerate nasty behaviour.
We’ve had a few moments over the years haven’t we? But we worked through them together.
Top work gang and thanks to the TR crew who made and maintain it for us.


I was just looking at an old post in the tr Facebook group And was amazed how many unnecessary negative comments there were. I’m glad those people didn’t seem to make their way over here.


Spot on. This makes me think of Andy Coggan getting the boot. No doubt accomplished in his field yet, his posts always somehow came off with this strange and subtle Napoleon complex. Still wonder what the final straw was?


Thanks @mcneese.chad. Wow. I thought it was just me. Guess not.