TR Feature Suggestion: How motivated are you to train today?

Oh no. Similar discussion on the „how did the workout feel“ rating.

I think it was in the thread.

People not being able to decide what feels like „moderate“ to „hard“ to „very hard“. Same might be with emoji’s…

Solution: Just ask for the number on a scale from 1-5. (Maybe giving a smiley or word behind the number as additional hint).

Or even fewer options like 1-3 as chad showed above with red/yellow/green light.

Or 1-4 and if you want to keep the smilies:

1 - :face_with_spiral_eyes:
2 - :neutral_face:
3 - :saluting_face:
4 - :smile:

In the end you’ll convert it to a number / weight to feed into the algorithm anyway.