TR and Coros Integration

Are there plans in add Coros to the list of apps that can automatically receive workout exports in the future? I love how it auto exports to Strava but I use my Cords app quite a bit as well and it would be great to have that feature.


I second this opinion. Tired of overpriced Garmin gadgets that fail after a couple of years.


Thanks for starting this thread! This helps the team gauge interest and see how many athletes are using Coros devices so we can better determine prioritization in pursuing integration.

+1’s encouraged for athletes using Coros watches! :sunglasses:


+1. Loving my Apex Pro, except I left it charging this morning and I feel rather naked without it!

If only they made a bike computer…

+1 for Coros here - mainly for runs and swims, and then commutes.

+1 :slight_smile:



Love my pace 2. Simple controls, simple functioning, lightweight, sleek look.


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Another +1 for Coros integration

Another +1 for Coros integration

For those who are interested – RunGap on iPhone should be able to sync from Strava to Coros.

+1 for Corpus


+1 for Coros Pace 2

Hey everyone!

Update here: You can use Coros watches to get your run power to TrainerRoad!
We have 200,000+ runs imported from Strava with power from Coros devices, so as long as you’re syncing your run workouts through Strava, they’ll be synced over to TrainerRoad as well.

Feel free to email if you need any help getting Ride Sync set up, the team will be happy to help. :v:


Are there any plans to integrate with the COROS app, like you do with Garmin Connect?

It’d be great if my TR workouts were sent to COROS so they were included in my stats etc. currently, To achieve this as present, in addition to using the TR app, I have to record TR workouts as ‘Indoor cycle’ sessions on my COROS Pace 2 watch, which is not ideal. I then have to delete the workout from Training Peaks and Strava otherwise it’s duplicated.

I’m sure there are thousands of TR and COROS users who’d benefit from this. I’m sure COROS would be keen.


I merged your request with the existing one on the same topic that came from early last year.

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It’ll be great for TR to write into Coros. but I’m guessing this won’t be happening.

I’ve been exporting the file from training peaks and adding it into the Coros app.

It would also be very helpful if TR could read the Coros training plan


Would love to see TR push to Coros Apex 2.