Tour de France 2024 will finish in Nice not the Champs-Élysées?

So far only link in dutch, final etappe from individual TT Monaco to Nice

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It’s due to the Olympics being in Paris next year. Will be odd for it to finish somewhere else.


Correct. Wife and I already have our hotel booked for 4 nights in Nice.


Yea this has been known for at least a year now. I’m actually a fan of the final day TT. We actually get a 21 stage grand tour instead of 20.


Sounds great. I always find the Champs Elysees parade ride kind of boring. The 1989 ITT finish was probably the most exciting finish in Tour history.


I was in Nice last year for part of a vacation and by happenstance saw most of the TT course (by van, no riding unfortunately). Its very pretty. Actually, it might be one of the prettiest 34k anywhere.

I think the route looks fantastic this year….not a huge fan of the potential 8 sprint stages, but from the early trip to the Alps to then coming back into the Alps before Nice is pretty cool.

Not having to accommodate a Paris finale has led to a very interesting parcours.

I’m sure there’s method in the madness but 3 and a bit stages at the start in Italy seems a bit pointless when the Italians already have the Giro, I would have thought it was better to start it in a country that doesn’t have a Grand Tour.