TdF 2023 Route released

Possibly the oddest tour route I have ever seen….more of a Ride Across France vs. a Tour de France. :man_shrugging:

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what a shame
Taking some money in Spain instead of expanding the Tour

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Wow. That’s…odd.


Haven’t dug into the details yet, but I do like the hilly start and the return of the Puy de Dome is great news.

And the last week looks like it could be pretty tough, as well.

But yeah, just an odd route.

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I mean they got backlash for having long transfers because of the environmental impact and if they reacted to that then this is what a route looks like… you can’t get to all parts of France with short Transfers…

I don’t think there are enough Mountaintop finishes and good High mountain stages and a a lot of flat sprint stages in week 3…

Like the Giro route more, but they have often the more interesting route.