Tour de France 2021 - Speculation and Gossip

Seems about right. There was an interview with Allen Lim a while ago where he referenced 6w/kg as the base climbing pace for most mountain stages, with attacks/surges averaging around 7w/kg, so I kind of makes sense that 6.3-6.5 would be the threshold pace for a shorter time trial.


@Aeroiseverything since he did so well with slower wheels and less slippery suit you’ll have to change your name to aeroisalmosteverything!


Since I don’t have the Slovenian-Super-Genes, I have to stick to aero :unamused:


My power Output in the TT position is around 7 to 8% lower than my road bike max.
Some people I know Report around 5/6% others over 10%.
Don’t know what it is for Tadej, but it certainly isn’t 0%.

Pretty sure this is still below the effort of stage 20 TT last year.

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Yeah I can’t comment on what his actual threshold is or how long he can hold it for on which bike.

Given some of the above comments from Darth and some of the data, Pog clearly toeing right to the line of what is genetically possible.

The only thing that makes me undecided is ISM. Maybe he doesn’t know though.

I don’t think we know what is genetically possible for any number of the reasons I have pointed out previously.

If cycling was the only sport in the world, none of the current guys would be the ones to beat.

All I see is people guessing at the rider’s weight and power meter numbers that could be 5% lower or higher than what would be found in a lab. Essentially there is a lot of measurement noise and I’m not sure what conclusions you guys could draw from that. On top of that, we only have a sample of the best athletes who have taken up cycling as sport, who had the right coaching, and the right discipline to pursue it this far. They are not the most genetically gifted, in any discipline, at any time, of anyone in the world. Likely, that person isn’t a cyclist and possibly not even a pro athlete, and will forever be an unknown.

It’s a silly argument to make.


I’m not making an argument, I’m speculating! :stuck_out_tongue:


Come on, Campagnolo is awesome. Certainly faster than boutique crap. :slight_smile:

Seriously, I was watching the end of the ITT again and comparing Pog and MVDP. Pog is just so smooth. He hardly ever fidgets or gets out of position. MVDP was all over the place muscling the bike around the course. I kept thinking that if VDP could learn the smoothness that he’d save so many watts and would have won that TT.


It’s funny: what I see is riders in the New Clean Era™️ utterly destroying records set on various climbs by folks during a period where riders were juiced to the eyeballs. Then fans explaining it away with beet juice and stiffer bottom brackets.


I mean, feel free to buy a TT bike from 1999 and let us know how it goes for you :wink:


Which records have been destroyed lately? Just curious.

Last one I heard was Nairo on the lower parts of Ventoux with a tailwind but it was last year:

The tarmac condition in 2020 was also a factor it seems:

(edit: sorry, tailwind in the above)

Aero gains will especially show themselves in a headwind.


If I have to pick 3 more riders I don’t believe are clean, Matt is one of them…

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I think this technically qualifies to belong in the speculation thread


Interesting still how the article writers found it interesting enough to talk about breaking several records even BEFORE the final TT, the most sus ride of them all.

And did she or you blow the whistle?


My favorite part of this is that Lachlan is traveling the French countryside hunting vampires.


What do you base that on? Considering that you started this topic, I find this odd. If any rider has turned in the “out of this world” performances these past couple of years, it has been MVDP.

I’m not saying riders are doped or not but if Pog is doped then I think MVDP is also doped and generally most top riders are doped.

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Did you misread his comment? I think you agree with each other. He said