Best TDF Stages so far

Hey everyone. I don’t want to have any spoilers. What are the best 2021 Tour de France stages so far?

For those of us that want to catch up but not sit through hours of the boring stuff.

Stage 2 MVdP winning.
I like watching GCN long version highlights (20-40min). Pretty good way to watch them all without any boring hours.




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All of them other than the TT honestly. It’s been a great Tour. The GC is boring, but every stage has been good.


The first week was more like a series of one day races, crazy attacking every day, so apart from the TT pick one of those.

Every sprint stage!

Check out NBC’s extended highlights on YouTube. Only 30-40 minutes per stage.

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Stages 2, 7 and 8 were all excellent. This week hasn’t been as crazy (although today has been really active so far).

The forum has a Spoiler hide function…


Stage 11, the double ventoux stage, was really cool as well. If I had a morning or afternoon to lay on the couch I would recommend that or stage 8 per my previous post.

If you have an hour workout and are watching on the trainer, put on stage 8 and fast forward until 35-40k to go. I’ve done that a couple of times already.

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Stage hasn’t happened yet but I’m pretty excited about stage 18 Luz Ardiden.


^and it was! Pogacar is machine

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