Totally Self Sabotaged My Eating

I am so incredibly disgusted with myself. I knew what I was doing and just did it anyways. I just added nearly all the weight/fat I had shed over the last few months in a short amount of weeks. I ate like a complete slob. Just threw everything out the window.

*Pizza (2 medium) Dominos
*Chocolate, M&M’s, chocolate covered almonds
*Cookies from Costco (The entire container!)
*Hotdogs/hamburgers at camp
*2 Family sized bags of Doritos
*Jack in the Box Spicy Chicken Sandwich combo with fries and coke
*In n Out #1 Animal style w/coke and regular fries
*Chick Fil A and w/coke and fries
*Sodas, something I gave up long ago
*Starbucks Venti Green tea Frap, Venti Vanilla bean Frap

I was doing fairly well with about an 8lb fat loss since March. I was maintaining a weight of 170 lbs for quite some time. In a matter of two weeks I went on a junk food binge. This happened after going on a camping trip to Yosemite where there was nothing but junk food in camp. The junk food binge continued on when I got home. I knew it to, I said to myself, this is not going to hurt it’s just a little binge… Yeah right!

175.9 lbs later in just two weeks I went up 6lbs. I sabotaged myself, I can’t explain why I did this, other than I did and now feel so disgusted with myself. In the back of my head I had this idea that I was going start clean eating to try and get down to 150lbs. I thought I could sort of cheat on my eating a bit before I started a strict clean eating plan. It got out of control.

Does anyone else do this to themselves?


It happens. Don’t beat yourself up being disgusted with yourself. Just get back on the nutrition wagon. One day at a time, and all that.


When I get mentally run down I just end up eating junk. Especially if I break my routine for some reason - it’s hard for me not to fall into a bad habit when given the opportunity.
Last week is a classic example - getting out the house early and doing something I’m not used to (including way more walking than I would normally do) meant I had two English breakfasts, pizza for dinner twice, fish and chips (along with biscuits and stuff when I was laying them out for others)! :pizza:
Back to the normal routine this week now, so back to salad for lunch! :innocent:

Get back into the healthy routine and it will sort itself out again. Getting down to 150lbs from 170 seems like a big ask though. Small steps are easier for me to take.


Thanks for the replies. I will get back on the wagon to better nutrition.

Here is sort of my back ground on my fat loss history. I did lots of intermittent fasting, I went from 229lbs down to about 180lbs in about a year and a half, kind of plateaued, was stuck there for a long time. Started cycling and was instantly down more in weight. When I started TR I was 178lbs.

I know if I eat clean I will lose more fat. I was maintaining the 170lbs during the SSBMV 1-2 'cause I read it was not a good idea to go into any kind of caloric deficit during the training. So I just added the extra calories that I burned during any of the workouts. I actually hit 166lbs during the training but started to feel a bit drained, so I started eating a bit more. That seemed to solve that problem.

Now I am shooting for 155-150lbs, in all honesty, I really I’m targeting that 150lbs. I think 1lb a week is doable and a healthy to keep the fat loss going. Trust me, I have plenty more fat to lose with 26% body fat. I’m still way overweight.

With all this said. Would it be okay to not supplement additional calories for the calories burned during my workouts? Or would that be to much of a deficit in calories?

The junk food binge could be a result of restricting too much or denying yourself the occasional treat. Maybe allow yourself a little of those foods every now and again so that bingeing on them is less desirable? Also focus on the positive: did you enjoy your trip to Yosemite? How has your riding been this summer? Have you hit any PRs? Weight is only one part of the bigger health and fitness picture, it’s tempting to get hung up on a number that may or may not bring the best performance.


Yes, enjoyed Yosemite immensely! My riding has improved a great deal as well. New PR’s being set on almost all of my rides without even trying. I thank the Trainer Road workouts and my hard training for that.

I get it and will try and not focus on the number on the scale. I will focus on my health and fitness and try and keep all the junk food to a minimum, with perhaps an occasional treat.


Oh man I pigged out. I really don’t know how many calories I consumed, but it was not pretty and it was a lot.

The costco chocolate chip cookies? Yummy :yum:

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I do the same thing. My fluctuations tend to be a little more subtle over time though. I lose weight very slowly…but I don’t go completely out of control when I eat poorly .

I was down about 6 pounds on the year as of beginning of August. August was bad…put back on 3lbs or so. I just tend to get more lax…rather than throwing everything out the window. Breakfast and lunch are usually always pretty good for me…oatmeal, veggie chili, brown rice bowls. lean sandwiches/veggies. Dinner can be hit or miss. The last month has been a lot of stopping on the way home for a couple beers, quesadillas late at night. Leftover pizza at midnight…

Yes. It happens to me too. I know better. But knowing does not help here. I clearly have issues with food. My relationship to food has gotten better since my teens & 20s when I was anorexic and later had many binge eating episodes. Still, when I am stressed I can’t stop myself from eating junk.

Yes, I feel like this too. What helps is when I realize that stress is coming up. I try to allow myself some “bad” stuff during that time - because if I restrict myself during times of stress, I totally fall off the wagon.

Somewhere in the world, someone is eating a perfect diet and when you race he will beat you.

Just kidding, we (the royal ‘we’) could all stand to live a little. Just remember to keep yourself pointed in the general direction of your goals.

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Ask yourself why you’re punishing yourself? not with just what you ate, but how you treated yourself after that :slight_smile: You don’t deserve that kind of treatment!!

It’s totally normal to have stuff ups like this, it’s how you react afterwards that is what matters, don’t be so hard on yourself, remind yourself of your goals, get back on that horse and move on, you can do it!!!


For some of us it’s a bit difficult to shed fat. For others it comes super easy. It super easy for me to gain fat and not so easy to lose it. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed every last bite of and drink of everything that I ate. I was more disappointed with what I saw on the scale as a result from it.

Dude you dropped from 230 lbs to 170 thats amazing to begin with. Thats really amazing. So what if you back slid a little, you’ll get it off. Maybe you need a little break or a chance for your body to fluctuate within a range?

I wouldn’t stress yourself out too much, you’ll get it off by next season.


As others have said, don’t worry about it, just maybe don’t get quite so carried away next time!

Re running a calorie deficit while on a TR plan I think it depends a lot on context. Somebody that is already pretty well trained and lean may well struggle to make further FTP gains while maintaining a significant calorie deficit. At 26% BF though, that’s not you. You still have some relatively easy body composition improvements to make, and sounds like you haven’t been on TR that long so likely still have some low hanging fruit on the fitness side of things as well. 1 lb per week is a sensible goal, aim for that, see how you get on, if you’re struggling to complete workouts then take on a few more carbs and go for 0.5 lb/week instead.

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probably mostly glycogen anyway. life happens.

Would you recommend I just stick with a maintenance caloric intake and no additional calories during a SPB phase? It doesn’t have to be a build phase either I could go back and repeat SSBMV1 & SSBMV2 as I know I need to build a bigger base. My understanding is that during Sustained Power Build it’s not recommended to go into a caloric deficit due to the high demands of the workout.

I want to continue to lose the body fat. As you stated and I know for a fact I have quite a bit of a ways to go in terms of improving my body composition. Quite honestly getting to a power to weight ratio of 3.00W/kg would be a huge deal for me as well. It’s not a huge number, for me that is of sorts a target. From reading a way of getting there is lowering my body fat/weight and increasing my power.

There’s going to be an element of personal experimentation here as to what works, as everybody is different. For me, I find the higher the intensity, the smaller the calorie deficit I can manage without digging myself into a hole. If I’m doing Traditional Base type work (i.e. lots of Z2 riding) it’s fairly easy for me to lose ~1lb/week. Sweet Spot is a bit tougher but I can still lose weight at a reasonable rate if I’m disciplined and focused on fuelling workouts. For Build I find that I can’t run much, if any, calorie deficit, so I’m typically maintaining weight or maybe just losing a pound or 2 over the course of an 8 week build phase.

Your experience is likely to be different, with the extra weight you may well find it’s possible to run a calorie deficit during Build. Would certainly try to run a modest calorie deficit and see how you get on, if it’s not working and you want to prioritise weight loss over power gains (for now) then revert to SSB. Other factor is that if you haven’t done a Build phase before then the higher intensity may boost your base metabolic rate so you’re burning more calories during the whole day and/or give your FTP a significant boost which means you’re going to be burning calories at a higher rate during all your workouts. It’s a virtuous circle!

Erm…there’s not a single doughnut on that list!!! WTF, man! :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But, seriously…treat yourself better, esp mentally. We all crack at some point or other. Set yourself up for success vs sabotage. Give your brain that constant drip vs occasional overdose. Design a cheat day into your plan, or a doughnut-based reward system for that hard workout, etc.

Enjoy your eating, enjoy your cycling. :v: