Torn hamstring recovery time?

Would love some feedback from those who have had a complete detachment. 9 days ago, I completely detached two of the three hamstring muscles in my right leg from my pelvis. Surgery is 9/2.
I’ve read everything from 3 months to 9 months in recovery but I’m curious to hear real life perspectives. Anyone went through this? If so, how soon were you back in the bike?

I had my right hamstring surgically reattached and it was a longer recovery than I anticipated. I was in a special brace that limited my range of motion very specifically. Once I recovered sufficiently to get out of the brace it was a long time to get comfortable again on the bicycle. Of course all injuries are different, and procedures may vary also, but for me it took 6 months before I could ride easily, and I would say a year before the pain fully settled. In my case that may have been because I had a partial tear for some time that caused some amount of muscle wastage, and then when the rest of it tore and it was reattached, it was a long time for the muscles to balance out again.