What My Base Training Season Looked Like (Dylan Johnson Video)

Plenty of interesting stuff here regarding base training (and other stuff) and some useful takeaways for anyone still trying out different things in search of “what works” for them.

Quite refreshing as it also deals with some “less than perfect” execution and Dylan also touches on training interruption which is always a hot topic on these forums.

There’s even talk about FTP testing, and why he hardly ever does it.


Before I watch the video I’m just going to take a guess and say that the bulk of his training was TR Sweet spot base HV…


Actually he really loves his intensity so he just repeated HV Short Power Build for 3 months



I like it!. I’m planning to do the poor man’s version…12-15 hours. Cheers. H

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Another good Dylan video. Sadly by the time I have the time (retirement) to do big weeks I’ll be too old to do big weeks :joy:


I watched this video as I watch all his videos and I’ve learned a lot of things from them. I’m a fan of Dylan him but this video felt like him bragging about all his riding. No wonder he got sick, even his recovery weeks were 15+ hours.

Am I jealous? Hell yeah. I’d love to build the fitness to ride this much. I’m on a recovery week right now after 6 weeks of 7+ hours of riding and an avg TSS o 430 and I feel completely shot.


Dylan fans be like:

It was interesting seeing his training schedule. Saw him throw in Xert to figure his FTP without a ramp test. Funny, his short easy rides were 3 hours long.


All the master’s racers here ride the most hours


Agreed on all points!


I think it was simply a; look I practice what I preach video.
Iike how his intensity days were tempo blocks not VO2 max repeats.
We sing from the same sheet even though my work weeks are similar to his recovery weeks.


Sounds like he’s overtraining to me :roll_eyes:


I think I’ll try this. First I just need to find 30 hours in my week to ride…

I think it’s interesting to see how professionals/elite athletes train, but I’m always at a little bit of a loss in finding what I can apply to achieve my much more modest goals. I think what I’ll take from this is that consistency is important and that it would probably do me some good to find some more time to train at a reasonable intensity.


Seemed pretty ironic to me. I’m not sure it’s the amount of intensity that makes it polarized or not, it’s the number of hours you train. If you are doing 30 hours you are going to be fast, if you don’t get yourself sick.


Me too. 15 hours a week is his 30. Maybe even 10…And with full career, kids, wife, crazy friends who pop by late at night with a bag of M&M’s and a bottle of Jack make “training” a study in what not to do more than what to do.


Bragging? Not from where I sit. Guess I focused on the decision making when things go wrong and you have to replan, completely relate-able. And talking about how he felt going into a recovery week sure sounds like how I feel at times, so what if his 30 hour weeks are my 12-14 hour weeks?! Its all relative.


your volume has gone up a lot in the past year!

overload week :grinning:

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Dylan is now public enemy #1 after daring to challenge the dogma of TR, so he’s always going to be viewed with instant disdain by a lot of people now…but I’m with you and found it an interesting video.

Sure, few people have 30 hours a week to train but he’s a pro and talking about base training as a pro cyclist. I think there’s lots of takeaways for many of us in what he says. Even a pro who is all about the races and results is brave enough to recognise when to back off and take it easy for the bigger picture, when loads of us amateur weekend warriors would just plough on into more and more trouble!

Always enjoyed his videos and this is no different for me. My main takeaway is that I just need to relocate to somewhere with a better winter climate :rofl:


It was a good video to show what overtraining can look like. I follow a few pros and they all ride similar volume to Dylan. For example, Lachlan Morton has 200 miles on Dylan for the year.

I also enjoy Dylan a bunch. I use and like TrainerRoad but the TR camp can feel cultish (which is a little bit of a turnoff), so I get he’s “public enemy #1” here. There are things to learn from everyone.