One sided foot numbness

Hey all! I’m struggling with my right foot going numb. I can’t figure out what’s causing it. Cleats are pointed straight. I moved my cleats back and it didn’t resolve. My right foot has a slight arch collapse upon standing and walking. I have extra arch support in my shoe. I’ve tried a slight rotation and it doesn’t resolve. I have a functional leg length issue on that side so I tend to reach slightly for the bottom of the stroke. I am working on resolving this issue.

Can anyone suggest anything? I’ve seen my fitter and it is still a problem

Are you using cycling socks? Dumb question, but I thought I’d ask. Cycling socks are thin, hopefully you’re wearing the thinnest possible sock.

Does it make a difference if you remove the extra arch support? Cycling isn’t really load-bearing on the foot as much as other sports.

Does the shape of your foot get constricted in your shoe?

I’m assuming your fitter rotated the cleats, and not you yourself? That is what worked for me, when I had numbness in one part of my right foot.

What’s numb exactly? How tight are your shoes?

Your most exposed nerves here are the sciatic on the bum/ back of your thigh/ knee and top of your foot

If you can fix it by standing up, it’s not the saddle/thigh interface.

If your shoes are too tight, they don’t have any padding in most cases, you’re cutting off blood flow. Your shoes can also be curved in the wrong way despite “fitting”

If it’s just one side of your foot, look at where your knees are pointed. They can be tilting your forefoot.

If the arch is too far forward or rearward, that can also cause issues.

I’ve had several bike fits and I still get numb toes. I focus more on the upstroke/hamstrings when they go numb and it takes pressure off the toes and it helps. I think, sometimes, it boils down to the fact that ours bodies weren’t exactly made to spend hours doing what we do on bikes.

^^^^^^what he said. anytime somebody tells me their foot (or any part of the lower extremity) is numb, I start thinking lumbar spine. could be a disc bulge, SI joint dysfunction or a nerve compression somewhere along the chain as pictured above. If bike fit adjustments don’t alleviate it, get a referral for physio