Tire Width Discrepancy on same brand/width of tires?

Hey guys,

I was checking the tire width for the Silca tire pressure calculator when I noticed my 28mm Conti 5000’s measure 29mm R and 31mm F at 65psi. Is this delta typical? If so I guess I should calculate different tire pressures for each tire.


What is your inner rim width?
Usually, the wider the inner rim, the more tires tend to widen.

I have the same rims front and back. 20mm wide

Are they the same version of the 5000 - clincher vs TL vs TR? I run the clinchers in 28mm and both front and back measure about 29.5mm wide. This is on 21mm inner width rims.


Clincher. First two I has on both measured 30.8. Last one measured 29.

Hmmm wonder if Conti made a change at some point.

Conti marked the same size tire two different sizes at one point. IIRC, they use the same mold for the 28 and 32, just different casings.

It’s likely one is sitting more oval on the rim than the other or the bead isn’t set all the way.

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