Zipp 303s with Pirelli P Zero Tires Width

I tried doing a search on the web an forum but have come up empty handed…

Does anyone have the Zipp 303s rims with Pirelli P Zero Race TLR SL tires in 28c and know the actual width?

I’ve got minimal clearance on my bike with my current 28 Conti GP4000s and with the wider internal width of 23mm for the Zipps I’m not sure if this set up will fit.

Thanks in advance!

I haven’t tried this combo exactly but have used Pirellis and current gen Zipps, I would guess it’ll come out around 30mm measured.

Ok thanks that’s what I was thinking too but wondered if anyone was running this setup.


i’m running the 23mm internal new 404’s with 28mm pirelli p zero race’s but don’t have any great measuring equipment to measure it, sorry!

echoing what @Jackofallgrades said though, it looks pretty wide, i’d guess around 30mm too. I think the 303s’ are 25mm internal width so they’d be even wider


Just mounted my 303s today. 40mm Raddlers.


hey @JBadalian , i was just thinking about this again during my last workout and came up with an inaccurate but probably good enough way to measure this! again, this is with the new zipp 404 hookless wheels that have a 23mm internal width and 28mm pirelli p zero race tubeless tires. I got two pens out, pressed them against the tire and tried to make them as straight as possible and measured the distance between them, so not a very accurate way to measure but i dont’ have calipers!

anyway it was 30mm measured that way at 60 psi, which is what i’ll ride them on. i’m guessing the wider 25mm internal width of the 303s’ would give them an extra mm or two! Hopefully that helps

Wow thanks so much for doing that! I ended up pulling the trigger on the rims / tires so fingers crossed. Current wheels/tires are 32mm inflated so I should be good.

Thanks again!

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@JBadalian I have this exact wheel/tire combination and the P Zero Race TLR SL 28c tire measures 28.89mm on my digital calipers when inflated to 54psi. I think you’ll be fine.


Great, thanks for confirming!

Random, but what is going on up at the Future Shock on the bike pictured in your post? It almost looks as if there is some sort of rigid insert in place of the spring/shock.

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Have a small tear in the boot around the FS and rather than replace just wrapped it in green duct tape.

It’s yellow! :heart_eyes: