A note about the new Specialized T2/T5 turbo tire width

Hey all, have been a Specialized Turbo fan for years, the top model that isn’t cotton.

The 28mm tires always measured around 29mm on my rims, one is a Zipp 404 and one a Reynolds DV66, neither one very new so I don’t know rim width.

The new T2T5 28mm tires measure 25.5 and 25.1mm with a micrometer. They are noticeably smaller, so much smaller that I quadruple checked to see that I actually had 28mm tires.

That is all

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Weird. Sounds like you have a mis-marked 26 tire. I have a 30 mounted on a 21mm internal width rim - this one measures 31.25mm.

I’m going to call specialized about it. Thanks for the note

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