Tire (muddy conditions) recommendations?

So many tires have come out. So many different options – my head just spins. Last year, 2 races in the series went right after a night of raining. So while I can’t practice in mud, I will race in the wet and nasty. This year, I want to have tires on my spare wheels that are setup for mud and slick conditions.

While I know tires cannot replace technique and skill, they CAN make a difference. Especially compared to my Rocket Rons and Racing Ralphs (prefect for dry conditions here in the midwest).

What non-downhill tires would you recommend for the slick and nasty conditions? 29er tubeless wheelset.

Thank you!

The Maxxis REKON is a good medium tread tire…

Depends what you definition of mud is.

At the gloopy yet thick end of the scale, going with Maxxis Shorty’s up front paired with a High Roller out back could get the job done.

If just slick, as in slip and slide, then a set of High Rollers front and rear would be manageable.

If it’s just wet in patches, and drying fast, then a High Roller up front and a Minion SS out back.

I know that they sound like enduro or DH tyres, but from your post it seems that you are lacking in the one thing that you really need - the skill and experience in the wet; and you’ll only get that by riding in it. Don’t shirk off a ride just because it’s wet…get out there and learn, because you can sure as heck be confident in the fact that so many people can’t ride in the wet because they never even ride in it. In the meantime, consider the chunkier tyres to give you confidence, both in going down, keeping traction going up, and clearing wet roots or slippery rocks.

Research tyre treads, read reviews…experiment. But also get out there in the wet. Then you can still blast along happily on a set of Michelin Jet XCR’s :slight_smile:

Not much of that here. Lots of sand and rock. I know what you mean though – if I rode through our farm fields, THAT is gloopy and THICK. (the ATV and even some of the tractors struggle with that stuff!)

This is what I get a lot of. Well made trails that are saturated, mixed with roots and rocks (this time of year, both have the green moss on them as well). I will definitely look at the High Rollers. I am not so worried about tire weight (meaning I could do enduro tires) as I would rather have heavy and keep going forward than light and slipping, sliding, falling!

You are correct in that I need the practice. The only problem with this practice is I no longer have time to do trail work and really don’t want to tear them up. Especially when I know many of the folks that DO maintain them.

Thank you for the indepth response. Gives me a great place to get going.

A friend introduced me to MTB rangers. They are great for muddy, slick conditions