Any recommendations on the best tubuless CX tires for wet conditions?

We have had nothing but wet weather in North Texas for the last two weeks. I run Vittoria Terrano Drys for the dry grass here and I have nothing but great things to say about them, but I have an old alloy wheel set that I am going to set up for mud / wet conditions for my Specialized Crux. Any recommendations?

Terrano wet’s

This thread may be super useful for you :slight_smile:

All kinds of recommendations on tires for all kinds of conditions.

I went with the Terreno Mixed as they will go well in wet weather and some of the CX courses that have some MTB trails mixed in with them that we have around here (e.g. Resolution Cup) instead of just the Wet tire. Thanks for the recommendation.

I just bought some Donnelly/clement BOS.

Still haven’t used them yet. I’ll try to remember to post back here when I have an poison them

CX tires choices are very confusing to me. There is just so many options for each condition compared to the road stuff.

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I just raced the mixes in some very muddy Oklahoma mud. The mud ranged from peanut butter thick to broccoli cheddar soup sloshy. I love those tires. I truly do but they were utter crap. I set my three highest 5-sec power prs in those races and I wasn’t moving forward at all. Just the back wheel spinning in the slick mud. they do great in moist/damp conditions but not true mud feasts. My 2c

Non tubless challenge limus, may have a tubless comparable tire now