MTB tyres UK - recommend please

I’m new to the off road world so can someone kindly recommend some tyres for dry dusty conditions?

I dont ride in wet and mud so grip is not necessarily a priority.



I like the Bontrager XR series, go up tubeless really easily. There’s six models in the range 0 to 5, the bigger the number the more tread the tyre has. I tend to use XR3 on the front, XR2 on the rear for summer conditions.

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MTB tyres UK?

Don’t ride in the wet and mud?

I recommend a Tacx Neo 2T!!!


It depends what you’re riding and where really. What sort of bike have you got and what trails are you riding.

My full suspension has currently got a Maxxis Minion DHF 2.5wt exo 3c on the front, and a Maxxis Rekon 2.6 exo+ 3c on. Good grip on the front for aggro riding but the rear tyre rolls quite fast. 29er.

My hardtail has the same model and width DHF but on the rear I’ve got a 2.6” Specialized Slaughter Grid. 27.5”. The slaughter is faster than the Rekon.

If you’re riding more cross country / easy trails you could run a Maxxis Forekaster on the front and something even faster like an Ikon on the rear.

Loads of other makes too - Vitoria Mezcals are really fast in dry weather for XC stuff. Schwalbe Nobby Nic front / Rock Razor rear would be quite a fast pairing.

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Mostly Ridgeway and the byways and bridleways south of it, Lambourn, Aldbourne, Uffington areas and it’s a Boardman MTR 8.9.

Im very much on easier terrain, there’s nothing technical about the routes I use at all, i just have a feeling the Maxxis which came with it (Minnion DHF and DHR I believe) are overkill for what I do.

Thanks for the suggestions :+1:

Yes you have really good tyres in that case, but they are quite draggy and aimed more at aggro sort of a using on more difficult terrain.

I’d always have something with more grip on the front than the rear as that’s the wheel you don’t want to slip out when it gets wet, and you’ll really notice a slow rolling rear tyre on longer xc tyre rides.

You could keep the front and just pop on something faster on the rear - that’ll make the biggest difference to rolling speed - Maxxis make about a million tyres - but something like a Rekon or Rekon race keeps you fairly decent grip but will speed things up. A minion SS keeps decent side lugs for cornering but goes semi slick down the middle so would be even faster - but if you get mud it won’t be great. The Ikon is faster than the Rekon and lighter than the minion ss. Any of those 3 are probably good rear options.

I’m loathe to give up too much grip on the front so would want something reasonably grippy there. The Maxxis Forekaster is classed as an ‘aggressive xc’ tyre - I run one on the rear of my hardtail in the winter as it still rolls better than a dhf / dhr etc, but it does find surprisingly good traction in the mud. You could use one of those on the front all year round.

Out of thentyres I mentioned the Nobby Nic is quite similar to the Forekaster but perhaps a bit less good - although it might come in cheaper as Maxxis are quite expensive.

The Mezcals will be really fast in the summer but mud grip is essentially non existent - a mate runs them on his Top Fuel when it’s dry and dusty.

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That’s excellent info, thanks for taking the time. I’m using the bike really for long endurance type riding, i won’t ever race but i do like to be getting on with things if that makes sense. From what youve said the Mezcals sound ideal as i just dont use the bike in wet and muddy conditions, it’s just not what I’m into.

In fact I’m as far away from your stereotypical off roader as i think you’ll get, normal helmet, lycra, Assioma powermeter pedals :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Haha, fair enough then, Mezcals will be really fast. So much quicker than your current tyres - just go steady on the front grip until you’re used to them - the dhf is very grippy in the corners.

I’m the opposite end of the spectrum- bulky enduro helmet, always wear knee pads, 5-10’s on flat pedals, baggies over my road lycra, Fox t shirt. My full suss bike weighs 34lbs and has a bright red Lyrik fork and a coil shock :sunglasses:

That said I’ve only got 2 hours to ride this weekend sadly, so just got the bibs on and off on my Caad12 just to hurt my legs as much as possible with some local hills :face_vomiting: (Lansdown Lane on the edge of bath is the main one not too far from me - my fitness is well up the last month or 2 so hoping to get sub 10 mins up it for the first time)

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