Tips for training reaction timing and mental focus under stress/fatigue?

I’m sure many of you have seen videos of Nino Schurter juggling while balancing on a bosu ball during the recovery intervals in his strength training circuit workouts. Well, I don’t own a bosu ball, and I don’t really have the time or inclination to learn how to juggle…I can foresee that disaster leading to frustration and suboptimal results :rofl:.

As an enduro racer, one of the biggest things I need to be able to do is focus on memorized lines and also react quickly and accordingly if I find myself off line or in other unexpected situations, all while redlining my heartrate. Speed and relative safety are paramount.

What are some go-to exercises or games I can use during rest periods of strength and trainer workouts?

Have you tried to do mathematical calculations in your head?

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I also happen to be quite terrible at math. But I’m open to suggestions…what kinda math problems are we talking here?

I don’t do outdoor races, so I don’t have any good suggestions for that…

During indoor training sessions, I run TR and Zwift simultaneously. So I’m always trying to figure out at what point I’ll reach X number of miles by the end of this interval, or what the time will be when I hit the end of this route section, or at what point I’ll be on the map when the current Spotify song is over, etc…

If it is memorization under stress, then try memorizing poems, and being able to recite them during your recovery periods or while during lifts.

Or create routes that you need to memorize and recite