Tip on How to make outdoor ride part of the Progression level!

Step by Step.

  1. Download your ride in GPX format.
  2. go to Convert GPX file to Zwift workout | What's on Zwift?
  3. Select your GPX file and convert it in .zwo format ( Fill in the details about FTP …)
  4. Go to Convert GPX file to Zwift workout | What's on Zwift?
  5. Covert the .zwo file in erg mode
  6. Open Trainer Road Workout Creator
  7. Upload your ride in erg. mode
  8. Assign that workout (.ergmode) in the calendar. (Choose the date of ride)
  9. Match the workout with your ride.
  10. Done!
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Interesting, but about three or four steps too long for myself right now. I’ll bookmark for this spring.

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It take about 5 min to do it!

How accurate is this though?

I’m sure that’s the same classification they can do internally as well already, it’s just that unstructured are much harder to accurately classify, no? So if you did a free ride on the trainer, it also would have trouble with that I’d assume?

Also, I hope by spring AT will include unstructured rides :grimacing:

How to do number 7?
How do I upload to workout creator?

Just drag and drop into workout creator. The workout will create by itself.

It works as an idea but the levels for custom workouts are off, so this is only partial solution.

A few things, first, be sure to set your FTP, IF, and bike weight at the moment of the conversion identically as your ride, for example, 300ftp .90if 17lb weight bike, you can play a bit with the drag. ( i make a small adjustment). probably the time in the workout is a bit shorter but other than that is pretty close.

Is it possible to automate this process?

I have liked my zwift account so all my rides are automatically imported into TR, but they do not affect my progression levels. That is unfortunate

An oldie, I know, - but thanks for this. I just realized I needed to do this with all my outdoor rides.

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