Time to change cleats: how to make sure the new ones are in the exact same position as the old ones?

When I got my last bike fit with a former pro, he got my cleats in the perfect spot. They feel super comfy, I have no hot spots and life is great. Except my cleats are now EOL and I have a new pair handy.

How can I make sure that the new cleats are in the exact same position as the old ones? Do I mark certain spots with a pencil or with tape? What other options do I have? For the record, I have S-Works 7 shoes and regular Shimano SPD-SL cleats.

There are moulds for sale that you can use for that purpose. Something like this:



Draw around them with a marker. Simples.


I use masking tape on the shoe to mark where the current cleat is before removing it. You only need 2 pieces. One long piece along the back will mark both the fore/aft and the angle then mark one side and you’re good to go. This works great for Look type cleats.

Just wondering : when one wants to change from SPD-SL to Look Keo or vice versa, how does one go about that? (for example when installing Favero Assioma powermeters)

Just use talcum powder or similar - dust around the old cleat, remove that, fit the new one, blow the talc away.

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silver sharpie, fine point

when I get custom shoes from D2, that’s how they mark cleat position.

I touch up the marks a couple of times each year.


For new cleats On new shoes or a new cleat type on old shoes, you need to reference off of the ball of your foot.

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Just always set them back as far as possible, job done


Don’t. Put them in a different position and train new muscles!



Give up now. The expedo cleats don’t have the same side to side adjustment and the float feels very different (way less resistance) Ergon helps to get the right angle

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Similar to what other folk have posted I just outline the position of the old cleats with a pen before I remove them then position the new cleats within that outline.

If you have had bike fit with shims placed under the cleat itself you need to ensure that both the shims are in the same position and the cleats - so make sure you mark both. The shims should be as a unit (I have 4 under each cleat for instance). So position of shims, position of cleat - and rotation angle.

Good luck - I usually go for an easy spin alone after I do it and just keep the tool in my pocket for fine tune adjustments.

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