Reproducing cleat position on new shoes

I use Speedplays on Bont Helix shoes and just bought a new pair of shoes, same model same size. I’ve used Bonts for years and they are handmade so the markings on the bottom of the sole aren’t exactly consistent from shoe to shoe. My cleat position is pretty finicky since they are relatively different between my left and right foot, so any suggestions on how to accurately place cleats on my new shoes?


take a blank piece of paper, fold a crease into it about 2" from the bottom and place paper on edge of table/counter with crease overhanging and pointing down so that paper cant slide up the table.

with the toe of your shoe overhanging the table and the heel on the paper back the shoe up so that the cleat basically is flush with the edge of the table.

Trace the heel and outline of the shoe on the paper.

Remove cleat.
Install on new shoe.

Place new shoe on paper, line up the tracing and position cleat so it is where it needs to be flush against edge of table.
Tighten down.



Ergon cleat tool.


THIS! Used it for years.

I have speedpalay zeroes and read online that the Ergon tool is not compatible with the new walkable speed play cleats (which are now standard I think)? Can anybody confirm? Thanks.